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Makita Mini 4-Stroke Engine (MM4)

MM4 is a small 4-stroke engine. As a 4-stroke engine, it features high fuel efficiency and clean exhaust emission. It is also as small and powerful as a conventional 2-stroke engine. The emission level of HC + NOx (hydrocarbons plus nitrogen oxides) is ten times as low as a conventional 2-stroke engine, and it is much lower than the strict emissions limit set in the United States and Europe.

Clean Exhaust Emissions

AVT knows ...


Low Consumption, Low Running Cost

From our comparison test between Makita 24.5mL 4-Stroke Petrol Brushcutter and an equivalent 2-Stroke Petrol Brushcutter, the superiority of Makita 4-Stroke Engine over 2-Stroke Engine in its class has been proved both in fuel consumption and total cost as shown in the charts below.

Numbers in the charts may differ under some conditions.


Low Noise

Low noise level allows to operate without disturbing others even in quiet places such as parks or residential areas.


Compact and Lightweight

By employing a unique lubrication system, it has obtained the smallest in class exterior physical dimensions among the 4-Stroke Engines available in the market today. And it is also lightest in class in weight by using magnesium alloy diecast for Clutch case, etc.