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Principles and Policies

Our mission is to play a role in developing and improving our society through power tool production and sales. Based on our corporate philosophy, the environmental policy is prioritizing environmental activities.

Corporate Philosophy

Management policy / Quality policy

  1. Makita strives to exist in harmony with society (a company that observes laws and regulations, acts ethically and never allows intervention of the anti-social organization).
  2. Makita values its customers (a market-2. driven company).
  3. Makita is managed in a consistent and proactive manner ( a company that strives to exist in perpetuity by adhering to a sound profit structure).

  4. Valuing stalwart corporate culture, Makita encourages each individual to perform to his/her highest level (a happy company).

Long-term target


Makita has set itself the goal of consolidating a strong position in the global power tool industry as a global supplier of a comprehensive range of power tools that assist people in creating homes and living environments.

Makita Environmental Policy

As a global supplier of power tools used in building homes and in everyday life, Makita is aiming to conduct a wide range of environmental protection activities, taking into consideration biodiversity to build an affluent society for the future generations.


  1. Enforcement of environmental administrative structure
    To conduct our business in an environmentally and friendly way, we will organize our environmental administrative structure on a global scale.

  2. Continuous improvement and pollution prevention
    Makita will endeavor to continuously improve the quality of environmental protection activities and prevent from pollution.

  3. Compliance with applicable laws and regulations
    Makita will comply with applicable laws, regulations and standards concerning the environment. Moreover, Makita will take preventive action against environmental pollution, based on our environmental principle.

  4. Establishment and review of objectives and aims
    Makita will endeavor to fully understand environmental impacts we may cause and periodically review the environmental objectives and goals within the technically and economically possible range.

  5. Reduction of environmental burden
    Makita endeavors to promote the following activities to reduce environmental burden.

    • Reduction of green house gas (CO2) emissions by conservation of resources and energy.
    • Reduction of industrial waste and promotion of waste reuse.
    • Replacement from substance of environmental concern and emission control.
    • Implementation of product assessment and development of environment-conscious products at the stage of tool design and development
  6. Disclosure

    Makita will make this environmental policy known to all of our employees through internal communication and will positively announce it to the public.