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Message to Shareholders

Munetoshi Goto Masahiko Goto
President,   Chairman,
Representative Director   Representative Director

We are pleased to present the outline of operation and financial results for Makita’s 106th period (fiscal year ended March 31, 2018)

 In the fiscal year under review, we saw both sales and operating income increase from the previous year. This was because sales of power tools and gardening tools employing lithium-ion batteries, such as models with high-power brushless motors featuring high power and speed equivalent to AC-powered ones, continued to sell steadily on the backdrop of brisk building and construction demands mainly in developed countries. Consequently, we posted operating income of 79.8 billion yen on sales of 477.3 billion yen (on a consolidated basis).

The circumstances surrounding enterprises have become more uncertain than before. Both political and economic situations have been changing rapidly. Furthermore, the global economy is in the middle of once-in-a-hundred-year innovation, including the commercialization of electric vehicles and development of robotic technology. While working styles and the natural environment are now facing drastic turning points, enterprises are required to sincerely wrestle with the realization of a sustainable society and contribute to solving issues through their business. Amid this situation, we will focus on the development of cordless products using lithium-ion batteries as one of our efforts. We will continue concentrating our resources on the development of new products to take the initiative in the power tool industry; will offer optimal solutions to issues at workplaces; and will contribute to improving workability, safety, and amenities for customers around the world through our sales and service network, one of the best in the industry.

We look forward to continuing support and encouragement from our shareholders.


June 2018