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Jul. 5, 2013
Makita Poland co-sponsors Logger Championships

From July 5 to 6, 2013, the Logger Championships, one of the largest logging contests in the country, was held in Tuchola in northern Poland. In the contest, people who are engaged in forestry compete, demonstrating their skills of using engine-powered chain saw. The contest in this year, held for the 5th time since its inception, is co-sponsored by Makita and a local university. A number of various events were held in the contest venue, including a demonstration of vehicle dismantling by a local rescue team. The venue was crowded with many spectators including families.

A total of 34 people attended, including guest contestants from neighboring Lithuania and Latvia. Two contestants supported by Makita had good results, ranking 3rd and 5th, respectively.

A public TV station in Poland covered the contest, and impressively beautiful handling of a chain saw by a contestant representing Makita was aired in a local news program. This made good publicity for Makita’s Outdoor Power Equipment products.


Logger championships

Interview with Camille Sharma, supported by Makita, who ranked 3rd in the contest