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Nov. 3, 2015
Bolivia Branch Starts Operation

On November 3, 2015, Makita Peru S.A. Sucursal Bolivia—a new branch established in Santa Cruz, Bolivia—started operation.

Makita Corporation has been expanding its sales network in Central and South America. The Company has established sales bases in seven countries including Brazil and Mexico. Makita has opened its first sales base in Bolivia, the eighth country in Central and South America for the Company, as a branch of Makita Peru S.A. (established in 2007).

Bolivia is politically stable and boasts steady economic growth, ranking among the best five Central and South America nations. Furthermore, Santa Cruz is located in an industrial heartland where numerous foreign companies have opened offices. With large commercial facilities, such as shopping malls, having been built, the city has developed remarkably.

Makita aims to step up sales activities and upgrade its after-sales services in Bolivia where business is expected to grow further in the future.

Bolivia Branch