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Feb. 1, 2017
Yekaterinburg branch Starts Operation

Based in Russia, Makita LLC established a branch in Yekaterinburg City on February 1, 2017, marking the company’s seventh business outlet in Russia. The new branch has now started operations.
Yekaterinburg City is located at the foot of the Ural Mountains 1,700 kilometers east of Moscow, and shares borders with both Europe and Asia. The city became the center of heavy industry in Russia after many factories and industries moved there for safety during World War II.
Regions covered by the business operations of the new branch include Tyumen Oblast, which accounts for 60% of Russia’s total crude oil and natural gas production, Chelyabinsk Oblast, which hosts one of Russia’s largest heavy industry cities, and Kurgan Oblast, which is situated on a large plain regarded as highly suitable for agriculture, and which shares a border with Kazakhstan.

The new branch will use its branch functions as much as possible and undertake marketing activities that cater to the interests of locals. By doing so, the branch will provide better service to local customers and aim to acquire a larger share of the Russian power tool market.

Yekaterinburg Branch