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Environmental History

(Letter in Green; Our History of Approach on Environment)

Mar 1915 Founded Makita Electric Works (proprietorship) in Nagoya City. Began selling and repairing lighting equipment, motors, and transformers.

Dec 1938 Incorporated the proprietorship's business form and established Makita Electric Works, Inc.

Apr 1945 Moved the plant, in an attempt to avoid air raid, to the current head office in Sumiyoshi-Cho, Anjo-City.

Jan 1958 Started marketing portable electric planers, the first product in Japan.

May 1962 Changed the trade name to Makita Electric Works, Ltd.

Jul 1970 Established Makita U.S.A Inc.

Jul 1970 Established a new facility, Okazaki plant.

Jun 1981 Established Makita Brazil Ferramentas Elétricas Ltda., and started production.

Sep 1984 Established Makita Corporation of America. (Plant in the U.S.A, started production from Jan.1985)

Dec 1989 Established Makita Manufacturing Europe Ltd. (Plant in the U.K, started production from Jul.1991)

Jan 1991 Acquired Sachs Dolmar GmbH, chain saw manufacturer. (Plant in Germany)

Apr 1991 Changed the name to Makita Corporation.

Apr 1992 Started collection of Ni-Cd batteries.

Mar 1993 Settled on Makita’s global environment charter. (This year is called Makita’s environment first year.)

Jul 1993 Held the first meeting on environment.

Dec 1993 Established Makita (China) Co., Ltd. (MCC, plant in China, started production from Jul.1995)

Dec 1993 Settled on Makita’s environmental voluntary plan.
(Started environmental activities such as ozonosphere protection, measures for controlling global warming and industrial waste and using effective resources.)

Nov 1997 Explanation concerning approach on global environment to all the foreign subsidiaries at Makita world meeting.

Apr 1998 Started Makita’s Environmental Management System.

Nov 1998 Settled an environmental meeting at Makita world meeting.

Dec 1998 Issued the first environmental report.

Jan 1999 Started environmental internal audit.

Nov 2000 Established Makita (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. (MKC, plant in Kunshan, China, started production from Jun.2002)

Oct 2002 Started corresponding to WEEE, RoHS. (Environmental regulations in Europe)

Apr 2003 Finished construction of new buildings of headquarters.

Apr 2004 Set up “special meeting for compliance with European environmental regulations.”

Jul 2004 To comply with European environmental regulation, the first XRF analysis device was brought.

Oct 2005 Announced the establishment of plant in Romania. (MMR, which started production from April 2007)

Jan 2006 Acquired nailer business from Kanematsu-NNK Corp.

Feb 2006 Finished construction of new building in Okazaki plant.

Jul 2006 Participated in “Team Minus 6%,”the national CO2 reduction campaign against global warming.

Jul 2006 To add earthquake-proof construction, started rebuilding part of Okazaki plant.

Sep 2006 To add earthquake-proof construction, started rebuilding headquarters.

Feb 2007 Makita world meeting: held environmental meeting with foreign plants and MIC.

May 2007 Made Fuji Robin Industries Ltd. a consolidated subsidiary.
(Changed the name to Makita Numazu Corp. or MNC)

Jun 2007 Finished rebuilding of Okazaki plant.

Jul 2007 Makita Japan (headquarters and Okazaki plant) acquired ISO14001 certificate from BSI.

Dec 2007 Broke up Makita Ichinomiya (MIC) and merged the function with headquarters and Okazaki plant.

Jan 2008 Started operation of new buildings in headquarters.

Oct 2008 Finished construction of MBR second plant in Brazil.

Oct 2008 MMR (plant in Romania) acquired ISO14001 certificate from LRQA.

Nov 2008 MCC and MKC (plants in China) acquired ISO14001 certificate from CQC.

Jan 2009 Finished production in Makita Canada and merged with MCA in the U.S.A.

May 2009 Finished construction of new building for logistics dept. in Okazaki plant.

Jul 2009 MME (plant in the U.K.) acquired ISO14001 certificate from BSI.

Aug 2009 Closed Atsugi office and merged the function with the headquarters and Okazaki plant.

Oct 2009 Opened Tokyo Technical Center.

Dec 2009 MCA (plant in the U.S.A.) acquired ISO14001 certificate from UL.

Jan 2010 Dolmar (plant in Germany) acquired ISO14001 certificate from SGS.

Mar 2010 MBR (plant in Brazil) acquired ISO14001 certificate from BSI.

Oct 2010 Supported COP10 (Conference of the Parties) in Nagoya.

Mar 2011 Established Makita Manufacturing Thailand

Apr 2013 Absorbed and merged Makita NumazuCorp.

Mar 2014 Closed Numazu office and merged the function with the headquarters and Okazaki plant.

Mar 2015 100th anniversary of Makita Corporation

Oct 2015 Sales Dept. in Dolmar was transferred to Makita Werkzeug GmbH.
(Changed the name from Dolmar to Makita Engineering Germany GmbH)

Sep 2016 Closed Tokyo Technical Center

Feb 2018 MMT (plant in Thailand) acquired ISO14001 certificate from Bureau Veritas.