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Environmental Management

Environmental Management System

Administrative Structure

Our policies, regarding environmental protection and their implementation, are considered by the Environmental Management Committee. The company environmental aim, which is constituted by the environmental management committee, plays a central role, as this is then executed by each department.
Therefore, we have successfully organized a structure to move forward the protection of environment as one of our priority issues.

Environmental Management Committee
  Chairman, who is assigned by Environmental Management Director, heads up the EMC, and the EMC consider the environmental objective and aim. The EMC follow up process and consideration, regarding Makita protection of environment.
Environmental Education Committee (EEC)
  EEC forms enforcement plans for environmental education by hierarchial levels and periodically reviews whether any textbooks will need to be revised. The environmental education committee consistently updates and reviews the contents of internal education programs.
Internal Environmental Audit Committee (IEAC)
  IEAC consists of the members who have educated internal audit training program. IEAC members audit all departments in pairs. Internal environmental auditors will audit practicability/lawfulness/ effectiveness of EMS activities. The results of the audits will be reported to Environmental Management Director and approved by him. These results of audits will be reflected in the end of fiscal year environmental management review by the president and the current EMS will be improved.

System Operation

We have established and run our own environmental management system (EMS) according to ISO14001 since April 1998. At the present time, ISO14001 is certified by an external inspection institute. We regard continuous improvement in environmental protection as one of our corporate missions.