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Torque Tracer


Tool + Receiver + Your PC (Fastening Data Saving)


Makita wireless fastening data capture system - Torque Tracer

This system enables to transmit various fastening data from the tool and to save them in your PC via Receiver RCV02

The followings are main data that can be transmitted:

Batch count(Counting of the number of OK fastening processes)

Torque value

Turning angle

Tool ID

Error code


Highly Reliable Communication System by Bluetooth

interactive communication and a strong resistance against radio interference

Can be extended to your peripheral devices by your PLC


(Programmable logic controller)

Self Torque Check System by two independent devices


High Torque Accuracy


Easy to operate thanks to wireless




Model or Series name DFT041R/

Battery Voltage: V 14.4 14.4 14.4
Capacity: Ah 3.0 3.0 3.0
Cell Li-ion Li-ion Li-ion
Torque range: N.m (in.lbs) 1 - 4(8.9 - 35)/
4 - 8(35 - 71)/
6 - 12(53 - 106)
10 - 20
(88.5 - 177)
16 - 30(142-226)/
25 - 40(221 - 354)
Torque shut-off Mechanical clutch Mechanical clutch Mechanical clutch
Torque detection Current + Motor rpm Current + Motor rpm Current + Motor rpm
Tool/ receiver connection Wireless, Bluetooth Wireless, Bluetooth Wireless, Bluetooth
Torque value No/ Yes/ Yes Yes Yes
judgment of
each fastening
No*1/ Yes/ Yes Yes Yes
Turning angle No/ Yes/ Yes Yes Yes
Batch count
(Counting of the
number of
OK fastenings)
Yes Yes Yes
Tool ID Yes Yes Yes
Max. number of tools connectable
with one receiver
1 1 1
Temporary data storage in tool Yes Yes Yes
Head height: mm (") - 28.5
34 (1-5/16)
Center height: mm (") 28
18 (11/16)
Auto stop system Yes Yes Yes
Job light Yes Yes Yes
Beeper Yes Yes Yes
Soft start Yes Yes Yes
Lamp indicating OK/NOK judgment Yes Yes Yes

*1 But transmits whether or not the mechanical clutch has operated.