At a glance

Distribution of Profits

Basic Policy for Profit Distribution

The Company’s basic policy on the distribution of profits is to maintain a consolidated dividend payout ratio of 30% or greater, with a lower limit on annual cash dividends of 10 yen per share. However, in the event special circumstances arise, computation of the amount of dividends will be based on profit attributable to owners of the parent after certain adjustments. With respect to repurchases of its outstanding shares, Makita aims to implement a flexible capital policy, augment the efficiency of its capital employment, and thereby boost shareholder profit. Also, Makita continues to consider executing own-share repurchases in light of trends in stock prices.
Makita intends to maintain a financial position strong enough to withstand the challenges associated with changes in its operating environment and other changes and allocate funds for strategic investments aimed at expanding its global operations.

Dividends per share

Interim 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0
Year-end 51.0 52.0 43.0 59.0 62.0
Annual 61.0 62.0 53.0 69.0 72.0