At a glance

Approaches to product manufacturing

Through our integrated network of development, manufacturing, and sales services around Japan and the world, Makita will continue to deliver high-quality, industry-leading services along with products that aptly meet global user needs.

Product Development / Quality Assurance

We were quick to adopt lithium-ion batteries for professional power tools, and we have the industry-leading capabilities for product development to develop them into a series of products.
We design products with consideration for safety, design sophistication, the user's work environment, and the global environment, and by utilizing advanced technologies, such as CAE analysis, we have further strengthened our unique expertise that we have cultivated over the years to build Makita into a trusted brand.

We have built a system that guarantees quality in all processes from design to mass production. During development, we emphasize designing-in and adopt design that prevents the occurrence of defects. Then, we perform evaluation from perspectives such as laws and regulations, functionality, and durability, and confirm that the product will satisfy our customers.


Because we can efficiently manufacture products of stable quality, we develop in-house robots and share expertise on mass production between factories. While working to save manpower at manufacturing sites, our craftsmanship has evolved to produce products of uniform quality, no matter where they are made or by whom.

We have plants in eight countries around the world (Japan, China, Romania, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Brazil, the United States, and Germany); about 90% of products manufactured by Makita are made abroad. Going forward, we will continue to strive to further enhance our manufacturing capabilities so we can quickly produce and supply products in response to local needs.


Makita's strength lies in its industry-leading worldwide network of bases, which ensures a prompt and stable supply of products. With directly managed sales bases in approximately 50 countries outside Japan in addition to 129 sales offices in Japan, we are actively engaged in various sales promotion activities through exhibitions, demonstration events, and user visits.

The inability to use tools due to malfunctions leads to delays in the customer's work. When a product malfunctions, Makita promptly repairs it at one of its bases and delivers it to the customer. By not only selling products but also providing meticulous after-sales service, we help our customers improve efficiency and productivity at their work sites, leading to the building of relationships of trust.