At a glance

Conversion from engine-powered to battery-powered

Exhaust gas-free, petrol-free, easy-starting, and low-noise operation

In 2005, Makita started marketing impact drivers equipped with lithium-ion batteries ahead of others in the industry. Makita has successively launched lithium-ion battery powered products since then, and it now has the No.1 product range in the category in the industry. In recent years, the range of products that adopt lithium-ion batteries has been increasing to dust extraction and gardening tools, in addition to power tools. Amid growing awareness of the need to protect the natural environment and improve the working environment, users are required to place emphasis on measures to reduce exhaust gas and control noise and vibrations. In order to meet such needs, Makita is aiming to coexist in harmony with the environment by pursuing battery-powered tools that have a power output equivalent to engine-powered tools, are zero-gas-emission*, not fuel-powered*, and have effortless starting, and achieve a dramatic noise reduction.
*During the use of the tool