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Makita’s Description of Business

Makita Supports the Creation of an Enriched Society on a Global Scale

As a global supplier of a comprehensive range of tools for creating comfortable homes and living environments, Makita meets the diverse needs of our customers with a wide-ranging product lineup focused on cordless products like power tools and OPE. Thanks to our strengths of high inter-compatibility and a rich lineup of products, a single battery can be applied to many different Makita products.

Construction and Building

Direct support for housing construction

Our products are used in residential and commercial construction sites, factories, and a variety of other locations. In 1958, Makita became the first company in Japan to manufacture and sell portable electric planers. Since then, we have been working to develop unique technology and provide a rich lineup with well-established technical capabilities so we can enable more comfortable work in drilling, fastening, cutting, polishing, and other operations.

Cordless Angle Grinder
  • Cordless Jig Saw
  • Cordless Mixer
  • Cordless Power Cutter
  • Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  • Cordless Combination Hammer


In harmony with nature,
Seeking a richer way of life

For everything from light gardening to demanding professional labor, Makita has a wide range of product lines that support the creation of lush, verdant living environments. With the aim of existing in harmony with the environment, we are proactively developing cordless OPE that rivals the power of engine-powered equipment but with no gas emissions, no fuel requirements, simple startup, and much lower noise.

Cordless Pruning Saw
  • Cordless Lawn Mower
  • Cordless Backpack Mist Blower
  • Cordless Blower Vacuum
  • Cordless Pruning Shears


Boosting professional cleaning productivity

To meet the needs of professionals who are engaged in cleaning work not only at construction sites but also offices, stores, and warehouses, we offer a wide range of products with features such as greater maneuverability, higher suction power and durability, and lower noise.

Cordless High Pressure Washer
  • Cordless Backpack Vacuum Cleaner
  • Cordless Cleaner
  • Robotic Cleaner

For Making Environment in and around the Workplace Comfortable, For Outdoor Events, For Disaster Preparedness.

Shaping a better workplace, served as emergency preparedness

We have also expanded our product lines that enable comfortable on-site work so they can be useful in outdoor activities and disaster preparedness as well as on-site.

Cordless Microwave
  • Cordless Cooler & Warmer Box
  • Cordless Fan
  • Cordless Worklight
  • Cordless Worklight

Parts, Repairs, and Accessories

Establishing a network of finely tuned service bases around the world

Accessories (including consumable parts such as saw blades and whetstones) have a significant impact on work quality and efficiency. Makita provides a lineup of long-life accessories optimized for work tasks. Additionally, we have a network of finely tuned service bases in each part of the world to allow for rapid and stable repairs and parts supply, which enables Makita to contribute to improving its customers’ production and work efficiency.

Ground Trimmer Attachment