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Social Initiatives (S)

Approaches to Customers

Our Commitment to Product Safety

In order to provide safe and high-quality products, we have built a system that guarantees quality in all processes from design to mass production. During development, we emphasize designing-in and employ design that prevents the occurrence of defects. Then, we perform evaluation from perspectives such as laws and regulations, functionality, and durability, and confirm that the product will satisfy our customers.
We establish Voluntary Action Plan based on the Fundamental Policy regarding Product Safety below.

Fundamental policy regarding product safety

Makita has established a system for providing safe products to our customers (users and consumers), and our whole company is dedicated to ensuring that customers can enjoy peace-of-mind when using our products.
In the unlikely event of a major unforeseen product accident, we will work to speedily and accurately gather information regarding the accident, and to disclose that to customers and all related parties, both inside and outside the Company.

Our Extensive Network

As for the power tools, good after-sales service is essential so that they are used in various severe environment of construction sites. Makita developed the first electric planer in Japan, brought about a revolution in domestic construction work. Makita continues development of products from the viewpoint of the customer and establishes an after-sales service network to meet needs of its professional customers from a very early stage.

Makita also has established directly operated business bases in around 50 countries and our sales networks in 180 countries around the world. Through this network Makita is fully prepared to provide quick after-sales service.