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Solving Social Issues through Our Business

Moving Forward as "a Supplier of a Comprehensive Range of Cordless Products"

Makita, which has grown as a manufacturer of power tools, is now working to evolve into “a Supplier of a Comprehensive Range of Cordless Products.” Evolving into “a Supplier of a Comprehensive Range of Cordless Products” means leveraging our unique battery charging/discharging and motor technologies to expand our lineup of cordless products including outdoor power equipment (OPE), cleaning equipment, and outdoor products, as well as power tools.
Cordless products have many advantages, such as reducing environmental impacts and improving convenience, and will contribute to solving a wide range of social issues. In particular, the cordless OPE that Makita is currently focusing on will greatly contribute to achieving a decarbonized society amid growing awareness of climate change. As such, we position cordless OPE as a future pillar of business after power tools and are strengthening this business accordingly.
Going forward, we will continue contributing to the elimination of engine-powered equipment and transition to cordless products by expanding our range of cordless products.

Advantages of cordless products

  • Zero emissions (during use), low noise, and low vibrations due to switch from engine-powered equipment
  • Work efficiency and ease of use due to absence of power cords
  • Contribution to preventing onsite accidents, such as tripping over power cords
  • Contribution to increasing work efficiency in locations where it is difficult to secure a power source
  • Reducing environmental impacts, including decarbonization
  • Improving safety, convenience, and comfort

Network of Finely Tuned Bases / Prompt and Stable Repairs and Distribution

Makita has built a network of finely tuned bases, including over 120 bases in Japan and directly managed sales and service bases in approximately 50 countries around the world.
With bases in each country and region, our large inventories of products and parts for repairs facilitate the provision of services, including prompt and stable repairs, and distribution in addition to sales. By developing a service system that offers prompt and stable repairs and distribution, we play an essential role in improving our customers’ workplace efficiency and productivity as the inability to use tools due to malfunction and the inability to acquire needed products promptly leads to work delays and reductions in efficiency. Going forward, we will strive to further strengthen our service system, by efficiently utilizing the distribution functions that we have invested in over the past several years.

Map of our global sales offices

The Value Makita Delivers

As a company, Makita seeks to meet the expectations of society and achieve sustainable growth while being useful to society. We have expressed our commitment to “striving to exist in harmony with society” as our Management Policy / Quality Policy. In order to achieve these objectives, we see the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as high-priority targets and believe in the importance of pursuing ESG initiatives from diverse perspectives. Through these initiatives, we aim to unlock sustainable growth and boost medium- and long-term corporate value.

Reducing Environmental Impacts

  • 3 good health and well-being
  • 7 affordable and clean energy
  • 9 industry,innovation and infrastructure
  • 11 sustainable cities and communities
  • 12 responsible consumption and production
  • 13 climate action

Contributing to a decarbonized society through zero exhaust

To date, engine-powered products have been the mainstream for lawn mowers, chain saws, and other items of OPE. But while they excel in power and durability, their gas emissions cause serious environmental problems. In response, Makita is promoting the replacement of engine-powered equipment with cordless products, which emit no exhaust gases when they are used, so as to contribute to building a carbon neutral society. In addition, they are quieter than engine-powered equipment and contribute to lower environmental impacts by reducing noise pollution.

Boosting Work Efficiency and Productivity

  • 11 sustainable cities and communities
  • 13 climate action

Improving safety, convenience, comfort through cordless products and meticulous service

Labor shortages are becoming an issue at building and construction sites around the world. Makita is contributing to solving labor shortages by actively replacing once mainstream plug-in AC products with cordless products for greater labor efficiency. Cordless products have many benefits such as usability because of having no cord, preventing on-site accidents by workers tripping on power cords and being utilized even in places where it is difficult to secure power sources. In this way, they contribute to improvement of safety, convenience, comfort for customers. Besides, we can help our customers improve efficiency and productivity at their work sites by ensuring prompt and stable distribution and repair services and preventing some delays in the customers’ work through our network of finely tuned bases.

Building Infrastructure and Early Recovery from Disasters

  • 11 sustainable cities and communities

Supporting urban and lifestyle development around the world

Power tools used on building and construction sites are indispensable for urban development and building infrastructure. We support urban and lifestyle development around the world through a network of finely tuned sales and service bases in approximately 50 countries while selling our products in approximately 180 countries. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we were permitted to continue our business activities in many regions as an essential business even under lockdowns imposed. Amid increasing trend of natural disasters around the globe, we support quick recovery from natural disasters by providing cordless products and prompt repair and meticulous after-sales service.

Peace of Mind during Times of Disaster

  • 13 climate action

Provision of peace of mind during times of disaster by Makita battery

In recent years, typhoons and other natural disasters have become more frequent because of climate change. Disasters may also cause large-scale power outages, potentially requiring long periods of time to restore essential services. Makita batteries are of use in such circumstances when sources of power cannot be secured. The batteries used in cordless cleaners and the like can also be used in radios, lights, and many other emergency goods. Also, with Makita’s special USB adapters, these batteries can charge smartphones so that there is no trouble in gathering information and communication, consequently providing peace of mind when disasters occur.

Environmentally Conscious Product Design

Makita’s concepts for environmentally conscious products began with a product assessment in 1992 and was followed by the codification of Makita’s Global Environment Charter in 1993, the year that we kicked off our full-fledged development of products that take the environment into consideration.
When designing new products, we focus on improving energy efficiency, reducing weight, and extending service life. We also check to see if the materials used in each part of our products are recyclable and, more often than required by the specifications of our internal regulations, opt for materials that are environmentally friendly. In this way, we are continuously developing tools that can be recycled.
In particular, in recent years, Makita has been focusing on the development of cordless OPE, which emits zero exhaust fumes in use and thus contributes to the achievement of a decarbonized society. We position cordless OPE as a future pillar of business after power tools, and are strengthening this business accordingly. By making OPE cordless, there will be no emissions of substances that pollute the atmosphere in exhaust fumes, meaning these products can contribute to reducing environmental impacts. By actively developing environmentally friendly cordless products that effectively feel as if they are engine-powered, we will accelerate the shift away from engines to cordless products and will contribute to achieving a decarbonized society in the future.

Cordless OPE
(zero exhaust during use)

  • Significantly contributing to reducing environmental impacts, including achieving a decarbonized society
  • Positioning and strengthening as a future pillar of business after power tools