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Social Initiatives (S)

Respect for Human Rights

Guidelines to the Code of Ethics, which outline the conduct expected of all Group Directors and employees, clearly recognize “respect for human rights” and stipulate the importance of respecting all fundamental human rights and prohibiting discrimination and conduct that harms individual dignity. All employees, including contract employees and part-time employees, are provided with information and training about the Guidelines to the Code of Ethics once a year without fail. This also covers overseas subsidiaries and we thoroughly emphasize respect for human rights across the entire Group.
Furthermore, since we believe that it is important to fulfill our social responsibility for recognizing human rights not just ourselves but alongside all of the businesses in our supply chain, the Guidelines to the Code of Ethics also stipulate that fulfillment of social responsibility and respect for human rights (including working to eliminate child labor and forced labor) are selection criteria for business partners.

Furthermore, as a company operating a business in the UK, Makita provides reports on the Group’s efforts to prevent child labor, forced labor, and human trafficking, pursuant to the Modern Slavery Act of 2015 enacted in the UK.