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In 1958, Makita Corporation, which was founded in 1915 as an electric motor sales and repair company, became the first company in Japan to manufacture and sell electric planers. Since then, we have pursued expansion on a global scale, evolving to overcome challenges while meeting the needs of our customers and the times. Makita's history also parallels that of the evolution of power tools and, over the course of its history, Makita has worked to dovetail its products to its customers' developing needs.

history table
Mar. 1915

Mosaburo Makita founded Makita Electric Works (proprietorship) in Nagoya City. Began selling and repairing lighting equipment, motors, and transformers.

Sep. 1935

First exported electric generators and motors to the Soviet Union.

Dec. 1938

Incorporated the proprietorship's business form and established Makita Electric Works, Inc.

Apr. 1945

Moved the plant, in an attempt to avoid air raid, to the current head office in Sumiyoshi-Cho, Anjo-City.

Jan. 1958

Started marketing 1000 portable electric planers, the first product in Japan.

Nov. 1959

Transformed into an electric power tool manufacturer.

Initiated exports of electric power tools with shipment of 1300 hand-held electric planers to Australia.

May 1962

Changed the trade name to Makita Electric Works, Ltd.

Aug. 1962

Went public and listed the company in the 2nd Section of Nagoya Stock Exchange.

Mar. 1963

Became an entirely debt-free company.

Aug. 1968

Listed the company in the 2nd Section of Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges.

Apr. 1969

Launched 6500D battery-powered drill (first rechargeable power tool).

Jul. 1970

Designated to the 1st Section of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka Stock Exchanges.
(Osaka listing terminated in February 2003.)

Established Makita U.S.A. Inc. in the United States.

Established a new facility, Okazaki Plant.

Sep. 1971

Established Makita France S.A. in France.
(Changed the name to Makita France SAS in April 2004.)

Dec. 1972

Established Makita Electric (U.K.) Ltd. in the United Kingdom.
(Changed the name to Makita (U.K.) Ltd. in December 1992.)

May 1973

Established Makita (Australia) Pty. Ltd. in Australia.

Jun. 1973

Listed on Amsterdam Stock Exchange using Continental Depositary Receipts (CDR).
(Amsterdam listing terminated in February 2004.)

Nov. 1973

Established Makita Power Tools Canada Ltd. in Canada.
(Changed the name to Makita Canada Inc. in January 1991.)

Feb. 1977

Started trading of American Depository Receipt on NASDAQ.
(NASDAQ listing terminated in April 2013.)

Apr. 1977

Established Makita Werkzeug GmbH in Germany.

Dec. 1978

Launched 6010D rechargeable drill (first nickel cadmium battery tool).

Apr. 1980

Started production of power tools in Canada.
(Production terminated in January 2009.)

Feb. 1981

Launched AN5000 pneumatic nailer and AC6001 air compressor (first air tools).

Jun. 1981

Established Makita Brasil Ferramentas Elétricas Ltda. in Brazil.
(Started production of power tools in South America.)

Feb. 1982

Issued European Depositary Receipts (EDR) and listed on Luxembourg Stock Exchange.
(Luxembourg listing terminated in June 1998.)


Established Makita Power Tools Singapore Ltd. in Singapore.
(Changed the name to Makita Singapore Pte.Ltd. in April 1991.)

Jun. 1984

Launched UH3000D battery-powered hedge trimmer (first cordless outdoor power equipment).

Sep. 1984

Established Makita Corporation of America in the United States.

Nov. 1985

Started production of power tools in the United States.

Mar. 1987

Power tools became subject to retaliatory tariffs due to semiconductor market trade friction between the U.S. and Japan.

May 1989

Changed the year end from February 20 to March 31.

Jul. 1989

Exhibited Three power tools (circular saw, grinder, drill) designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro at the Word Design Exposition held in Nagoya City.

Dec. 1989

Established Makita Manufacturing Europe Ltd. in the United Kingdom.

Jan. 1991

Acquired Sachs Dolmar GmbH, chain saw manufacturer in Germany.
(now known as Makita Engineering Germany GmbH).

Apr. 1991

Changed the name to Makita Corporation.

Jul. 1991

Started production of power tools in U.K., first in Europe.

May 1992

Opened Nissin Office.

Anti-dumping suit filed against Makita in the United States.

Mar 1993

Established of Makita's global environment charter (Makita's first year of the environment).

Dec. 1993

Established Makita (China) Co., Ltd. in China.

Jul. 1995

Started production of power tools in China.

Apr. 1997

Established Makita Gulf FZE. in the United Arab Emirates.

Aug. 1997

Exhibited 6213D rechargeable driver-drill at the Chicago Hardware Show (first nickel hydride battery tool).

Nov. 2000

Established Makita (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. in China.

Feb. 2005

Launched TD130D cordless impact driver (first lithium-ion battery tool).

May 2005

Established Makita EU S.R.L. in Romania.

Jan. 2006

Acquired nailer business from Kanematsu-NNK Corp.

Apr. 2007

Started production of power tools in Romania.

May 2007

Made Fuji Robin Industries Ltd. a consolidated subsidiary.
(Changed the name to Makita Numazu Corporation in August 2007, and merged into the Company in April 2013.)

Mar. 2011

Established Makita Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand.

Jul. 2012

Started production of power tools in Thailand.

Mar. 2015

Celebrated 100th anniversary.

May 2018

Established Makita Engineering Korea Co., Ltd.

Aug. 2018

Established Makita Africa Limited in Tanzania.

Mar. 2019

Made Amadera Pneumatics Co., Ltd. a consolidated subsidiary.
(Merged into the Company in June 2021.)

Oct. 2019

Launched the Li-ion 40Vmax series.

Mar. 2022

Terminated production of engine-powered equipment.

Jul. 2022

Established Makita International Procurement Co., Ltd. in Taiwan.

Oct. 2022

Established Electronic Control Development Center (Tokyo Office).