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Social Initiatives (S)Approaches to Employees

Diversity & Inclusion Promotion

Makita believes in the value of a company being a place where all employees, regardless of age, gender, nationality, or disability, hold each other in mutual respect, and are able to maximize their individual abilities in order to fully and actively contribute. Therefore, we strive for fairness in hiring, assignments, promotions, and other aspects of human resource management, eliminating distinctions based on gender or other attributes. In the Guideline to the Code of Ethics for Makita, which serves as a code of conduct for all Officers and employees of the Makita Group, we are working to ensure diverse human resources are able to actively contribute. Our statement declaring respect for individual diversity is but one example of this commitment.

Increasing Presence of Female Employees

Makita is dedicated to establishing a work environment in which female employees can actively participate with peace of mind. As a result, the employment longevity of female Makita employees in Japan is now roughly the same as that of its male employees. At present, the Makita Group has more than 200 women in management positions actively supporting our global business in many divisions.

Hiring of Foreign Employees

Approximately 80% of Makita Group employees are hired overseas and we also recruit international students in Japan to diversify our human resources. In addition, as a company that emphasizes a local, on-site business philosophy, we have, for many years, placed weight on having diverse employees who can help localize our business practices. Evidence of this philosophy in action can be found in the value placed on the contributions of non-Japanese employees, including three employees of overseas subsidiaries promoted to Corporate Officer positions at Makita Corporation as of July 2023.

Percentage of Non-Japanese Corporate Officers


  • Non-Japanese 3 people (18%)
  • Japanese 14 people (82%)

Hiring of People with Disabilities

Many employees with disabilities are playing an active role at Makita in a workplace suited for each individual’s characteristics and ability as workers at production sites, clerical staff members, etc.
As of June 1, 2023 the ratio of employees with disabilities was 2.90% at Makita, exceeding the statutory mandatory ratio of employees with disabilities of 2.30%.

In December 2021, we opened Makita Farm Nagakute (inside Work Happiness Farm) to support, through agriculture, diverse work styles of our employees with disabilities that are suited for each individual’s characteristics. We will provide employment opportunities to those who are willing to work, aiming to help them secure social and economic independence and thereby to contribute to society.
We will continue to make efforts to employ more people with disabilities while aiming to become a company at which all Makita employees, with or without disabilities, can work comfortably with peace of mind.

Hiring of the Elderly

We offer re-employment until age 65 for employees who have reached the mandatory retirement age of 60, but who wish to continue working. Currently, approximately 80% of our retirement age employees wish to be re-employed, and we offer opportunities for many employees to remain active. As of April 1, 2023, 253 employees have been re-employed through this offer.