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Message from the President

Pursuing a “Strong Company” by Evolving Makita into
a Supplier of a Comprehensive Range of Cordless Products

President, Representative Director Munetoshi Goto

As the effects of climate change on society, such as high winds and flooding, increase in frequency and severity, the role of companies in achieving decarbonization is becoming more important.

Amid natural disaster risks and geopolitical risks, the society faces drastic environmental changes, and the importance of sustainability management increases remarkably.

Makita has set itself the goal of “contributing to the creation of sustainable society and consolidating a strong position in the industry worldwide as a global supplier of a comprehensive range of tools for creating comfortable homes and living environments”, striving to become a “Strong Company,” its long-term target.

Our initiative for the realization of a sustainable society is to evolve into “a supplier of a comprehensive range of cordless products” and promote cordless products employing lithium-ion batteries. By leveraging the battery charging/discharging as well as motor technologies, Makita promotes the replacement of engine-powered equipment and AC products with cordless products as represented by cordless OPE. Through our network of finely tuned sales and service bases, providing prompt and stable distribution of cordless products and repair services helps reduce environmental impacts and improve work efficiency and productivity on worksites around the world.

In order to continuously expand our business globally, we believe it is important to support employee career growth and enhance corporate governance. We will continue to create an environment in which diverse human resources can play an active role globally and strive to improve and enhance corporate governance, thereby strengthening the foundation for business growth.

Makita will continue endeavoring to contribute through our business to society and the environment, and we ask for your continued support.