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Corporate Philosophy

Management Policy / Quality Policy

  1. Makita strives to exist in harmony with society (a company that observes laws and regulations, acts ethically and never allows intervention of the anti-social organizations).
  2. Makita values its customers (a market-driven company).
  3. Makita is managed in a consistent and proactive manner (a company that strives to exist in perpetuity by adhering to a sound profit structure).
  4. Valuing a stalwart corporate culture, Makita encourages each individual to perform to his or her highest level (a happy company).

Fundamental Policy Regarding Product Safety

Makita has established a system for providing safe products to our customers (users and consumers), and our whole company is dedicated to ensuring that customers can enjoy peace-of-mind when using our products.
In the unlikely event of a major unforeseen product accident, we will work to speedily and accurately gather information regarding the accident, and to disclose that to customers and all related parties, both inside and outside the Company.

  • Makita has established a Product Safety Voluntary Action Plan based on the "Fundamental Policy Regarding Product Safety" above.

Code of Conduct

  1. Am I acting in accordance with ethical guidelines? (Would I be unashamed in front of anyone?)
  2. Am I looking at things from the customer's point of view rather than the company's point of view? (Am I leaning more towards the customer than my supervisor or my colleagues?)
  3. Am I acting and thinking independently and taking on challenges? (Am I caught up in past experiences and successes?)
  4. Am I persistently improving and innovating technology? (Is there a reason we have to do it this way?)
  5. When I am on site, do I respect the opinions there? (Do I accurately gather information and communicate adequately?)

Long term Target

Strong Company

Makita has set itself the goal of contributing to the creation of sustainable society and consolidating a strong position in the industry worldwide as a global supplier of a comprehensive range of tools for creating comfortable homes and living environments, including cordless power tools, battery-operated outdoor power equipment and pneumatic tools.