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Social Initiatives (S)Approaches to Employees

Securing the Safety and Health of Employees

Ensuring the safety and health of employees is also key to sustainable growth. We are implementing a variety of initiatives to ensure both sustainable growth and the safety and health of our employees.

Respect for Labor Standards

We comply with the Labor Standards Act, including limits on overtime work and work on days off. At the same time, we also pay all employees at least the statutory minimum wage, regardless of the type of work, and revise our wages whenever the minimum wage is increased. In FYE2023, there were no material violations of the Labor Standards Act.

Additionally, the Guidelines to the Code of Ethics, which outline the conduct expected of all officers and employees, prohibit sexual harassment, power harassment, and all other forms of harassment. We also regularly work to ensure awareness of the prohibition on harassment among employees, and provide training or education to new hires and newly appointed managers. In such ways, we are working to eliminate harassment.

Safety and Health Activities

Safety and Health Committee activities are conducted at each business site in Japan and are based on a safety plan that is developed annually. Safety patrols of the working environment as well as hazard prediction activities* and “Hiyari-Hatto” (near-miss) activities are conducted at each workplace and reported to the committee with recommendations for improvement, thereby creating a safer and more secure workplace. There were 22 occupational accidents in Japan in FYE2023, of which 3 required 4 or more days of absence from work. We will strive to prevent occupational accidents by providing thorough health and safety training and taking measures to reduce hazards in the workplace.

  • Activities aimed at preventing occupational accidents by identifying potential hazards in specific workplace tasks and identifying the types of hazards that could cause workplace accidents, and then eliminating unsafe employee behavior and unsafe work environments.

Mental and Physical Health Support

In Japan, we are making Company-wide efforts to ensure the mental and physical health of our employees by conducting stress checks, interviewing employees who work long hours, and providing in-house influenza vaccinations. In addition, we distribute fan jackets and have installed water dispensers at the Okazaki Plant as a measure against overheating. As for stress checks, results are analyzed by workplace and industrial physicians provide feedback to the person in charge of each department to encourage workplace improvements. We are striving to improve mental health through a series of workplace improvements.