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Social Initiatives (S)Approaches to Employees

Ensuring Employee-friendly Workplaces

Balance Work and Family Life

We have put in place a childcare leave system and a childcare reduced-working-hours system. There has been steady utilization of the childcare leave program which we introduced in 1990, even including a good number of employees utilizing the program twice or more. At present, the number of male employees who take childcare leave is increasing.

In FYE2023, 78 employees (including 29 male employees) took part in the program and the return-to-work rate after childcare leave was 97.2% (35 of 36 employees). The percentage of women who use these systems has remained high, but the percentage of men using them has room to improve. Therefore, we have set a target of having at least 90% of eligible male employees at Makita (non-consolidated) use the childcare leave system by FYE2030 and are working towards achieving this goal.

In 1992, we introduced a childcare reduced-working-hours system, which has now become well established among employees. 45 employees (including 2 male employee) utilized the system in FYE2023.

Childcare Leave System
Childcare Reduced Working-hours System

Welfare Program

In order for each and every employee to work energetically, we believe it is essential to establish a welfare system that supports a comfortable working environment and satisfying lifestyles. As such, Makita provides all full-time employees with complete social insurance as a matter of course, and also offers bachelors’ dormitories and company housing. In addition, as a system for supporting asset formation, Makita also has an employee stockholding association plan that enables employees to purchase the Company’s shares for fixed amounts at fixed times (1,729 employees, or approximately half of the total employees of Makita Corporation, participated as of March 31, 2023), as well as a corporate-type defined contribution pension plan. In these ways, Makita has a substantial benefits plan in many different respects.

Welfare Program table
Bonus Twice a year (June/December)
Pay raise Once a year (April)
Holiday Annual paid leave (20 days), multipurpose leave, congratulatory or condolence leave, maternity leave, invigoration leave, refreshment leave, childcare leave, nursing care leave, etc.
Insurance Health insurance, employees’ pension insurance, employment insurance, worker’s accident compensation insurance, etc.
Systems Employee stockholding association, property accumulation savings, corporate-type defined contribution pension plan, regular investment, home loan, Makita corporate pension fund, mutual aid association, group insurance, culture/sports/recreational activities, support for correspondence education, etc.
Housing, etc. Dormitories for singles, company housing, contracted recreational facilities, etc.
Dormitory Sumiyoshi (dormitory for singles)
Recreational Activities (Softball Tournament)