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Corporate Governance (G)

Risk Management

Makita strives to identify and manage risks with a material impact on business activities, while also pursuing our commitment to being a company that is resilient to crises.
Makita’s Disclosure Committee, which identifies and investigates risks in the Group’s business activities, holds annual meetings. These meetings are attended by representative Directors, Directors in charge, Audit & Supervisory Committee Members, and General Managers of the Internal Audit Division and respective departments of the Company.

Each Director exercises authority and takes responsibility for implementing the Group-wide risk management framework in his or her own division, and also reports to the Board of Directors when a situation occurs that is material to business management. Also in each division, regulations and guidelines are stipulated and followed in order to carry out risk management necessary for quality control, disaster prevention, capital utilization, and the like.

Amidst concern in recent years over the occurrence of major earthquakes and other natural disasters, Makita recognizes that being able to respond to disasters is a critical issue. Makita has formed a Fire & Disaster Management Committee comprised of directors and the heads of relevant divisions and has formulated disaster prevention regulations with this committee at the center. These disaster prevention regulations and other measures, which are reviewed regularly, define steps for disaster prevention, emergency response measures, and disaster recovery efforts. Similarly, these regulations and measures outline a business continuity plan (BCP) for times of disaster. The target organizations and scope of this plan are also reviewed as necessary.