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Environmental Initiatives (E)

Initiatives with Our Products

Promoting the Elimination of Plastic

Due to concern about global environmental pollution in the form of plastic waste in the oceans and amid social efforts to reduce single-use plastics usage, we are working to cut back on the volume of single-use plastics in our product packaging and thereby contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and the preservation of biodiversity. In addition to our existing efforts to simplify packaging, from FYE2021, we have been reducing the use of plastic bags by devising internal materials and switching to environmentally friendly materials such as paper and biomass plastic bags.

Suspension of plastic bags (devising internal materials)

Grip with plastic bag
Elimination of plastic bags by devising internal materials

Switch from plastic to paper bags

Hook and bit sets

Using Environmentally Friendly Materials for Products and Packaging

To contribute to carbon neutrality, Makita is promoting initiatives to use biomass materials in the manufacture of a portion of its products. Furthermore, in FYE2022 we began switching from conventional to biomass plastic bags in our product packaging.
To help reduce waste plastic across society, in addition to biomass materials, we are considering introducing recycled resin materials and plan to start using bags and cases made from these materials in FYE2024.

GA9060 series

Biomass materials are used in the motor housing cover.

motor housing cover