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Environmental Initiatives (E)

Battery Recycling

As “a Supplier of a Comprehensive Range of Cordless Products” and as a company that supplies a large volume of batteries, we believe that, for the sake of environmental protection and the effective utilization of resources, collecting used batteries is a crucial task. By building and implementing collection systems in a host of countries and regions in accordance with local laws and regulations, we are working to promote resource recycling.

Initiatives in Japan

We are a member of the Japan Portable Rechargeable Battery Recycling Center (JBRC) and, based on the Act on the Promotion of Effective Utilization of Resources, have registered our Head Office and domestic sales offices as collection points.

Battery collection in Japan


Initiatives in Germany

In Germany, battery manufacturers and the German Electro and Digital Industry Association (ZVEI) established the non-profit Stiftung GRS Batterien in 1998, which operates the joint battery collection system used by Makita.
In December 2021, Stiftung GRS Batterien and Makita Werkzeug GmbH (Germany) signed an industry agreement in the power tools sector. The two are currently working to increase the collection rate of used lithium-ion batteries and promote recycling by installing collection boxes exclusively for lithium-ion batteries at home centers and other power tools retailers.