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Caution Against Using Non-genuine “Compatible” Makita Li-Ion Batteries

Non-Genuine "Knock-Off"
Makita Li-Ion Batteries


CAUTION: Makita Corporation notifies tool users of the disadvantages
and risks of using non-genuine "Knock-Off" Makita Li-Ion batteries.

Using non-genuine "Knock-Off " Makita batteries will result in:

• Voiding the Makita Warranty for the Makita tool and the charger

• Voiding your country's standards approval of the tool


When using non-genuine "Knock-Off " Makita Li-Ion batteries, there is also a risk of:
• The battery bursting that may result in personal injury and/or property damage
• Possible fire damage to the tool, the battery and/or the charger
• Unknown tool performance
Makita bears no liability for accidents, personal injury or property damage (or damage to batteries,
tools or chargers) that occurs as a result of the use of non-genuine "knock-off " batteries.


Makita only approves the use of genuine parts and accessories with Makita tools.
Makita does not approve the use of non-genuine or "knock-off" batteries which are
marketed and sold by third parties for use in Makita Li-Ion cordless tools.


Be sure to use genuine Makita Li-Ion batteries only.