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Message from Management

Munetoshi Goto Masahiko Goto
President,   Chairman,
Representative Director   Representative Director


Makita strives to become a “Strong Company,” its long-term target based on its Management Policy/Quality Policy: “Makita strives to exist in harmony with society”; “Makita values its customers”; “Makita is managed in a consistent and proactive manner”; and “Valuing a stalwart corporate culture, Makita encourages each individual to perform to his or her highest level."

Following this stance, we are currently working to evolve into a “manufacturer of cordless products” that include not only power tools but also outdoor power equipment. Cordless products have the advantages of improving customer safety, convenience and comfort, as well as reducing exhaust gases, noise, and fuel consumption. Makita seeks possibilities to make a variety of products cordless with lithium-ion batteries by deploying its industry-leading battery charging / discharging technologies and motor technologies, thereby contributing to resolving environmental and other issues.

We are determined to remain a corporation that society needs long into the future by pushing forward with making products cordless and helping resolve social issues. To this end, we kindly request continued guidance and support from all of you.